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  • Historical – testing search criteria
Put PowerOptions to work for you!
PowerOptions is a patented suite of tools designed for self-directed options investors. We have options search tools and option screening tools for over 23 options strategies. We help you search every optionable stock and their options for the ones that meet your investment goals. You set the important fundamental and technical parameters and we find the trades that meet those specifications. (example searches included) PowerOptions also offers a powerful set of Portfolio Tools to help you track, manage and evaluate adjustments for your trades.

For retail traders and institutional traders alike...unlimited access to:

  • Stock option research and options strategy screening tools to identify high probability trades that meet your risk profile.
  • Patented SmartSearchXL® finds the best stock option trades for any options strategy search criteria.
  • Comprehensive stock Option Chains with greeks, option volatility, probability and fair market value is calculated for every option to help you evaluate over-valued/under-valued opportunities.
  • Back-test your strategy to evaluate the probability of success and profit potential.
  • Portfolio tools track and manage your real or virtual trades with trading logs, industry allocation and trading alerts.

Patented option trading tools and techniques used by savvy stock option investors the world over.

  • Search the universe of all US equity and index options using your own criteria for the most popular options strategies
  • Get your search results automatically by email anytime throughout the trading day
  • Backtest any search criteria with historical options data back to 2006
  • Full-Access Learning Center
  • Manage and track your trades

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I am loving your website. As a spread and covered call trader for 17 years, your website saves me a ton of time. This is a blessing because of my time restraints. I will definitely be a subscriber after my trial runs out.
Bobby W. - Dec 2017

I know you are interested in options and this is the absolutely most amazing site you will ever find... You should do the free trial, no card required... This site made me $1,500 during my free 2 weeks.
Kent J. - Sep 2014

I just want you to know that your product is the best that I have ever used, It came along just when I was about to pack it all in. I have been trading since 2003 without any luck and your product has changed everything for the better. Thanks again for your wonderful product.
Russell H. - Mar 2014

Every time I think of a feature that would be nice to have on PowerOptions, it seems like I find it the next time I'm exploring the interface. Case in point, the other night I'm thinking, "How can I make the best initial stock selection for the Married Put (in the money) strategy?" Then I find the section on 5 Star S&P stocks. Nice.

Also, the one-on-one coaching, wow I do like this feature.

Overall you've just created an awesome product here. I can figure it out, and hopefully as I learn more, use it to good effect to maximize my returns and limit risk.

Thanks for creating this. I've been looking for something like PowerOptions for a long time.
Richard B. - Apr 2013

I attended your webinar on using PowerOptions tools a few weeks ago which provided great insight on using PowerTools to protect your portfolio. NFLX down $16.20. The PowerOptions Insurance web page protected my profit on NFLX. Thanks.
Bill S. - Jul 2012

Michael - Thank you for your attention to my concerns. I find your service to be invaluable in my investment decisions. I have and continue to recommend PowerOptions to my friends and family. Your willingness to be actively involved in resolving my questions and concerns are, to me, just as valuable as the data you provide. Thanks again for your prompt attention to my email.
Mark F. - Sep 2011

I have had a very successful two years using PowerOptions - Started with $400,000 up about 70% in 09, up 28% this year. Total now $865,000. Most of the trading ideas... have been due to the ideas from PowerOptions... I've looked at many trading websites and yours is by far the best. Congratulations on building a business that is truly beneficial to investors like myself.
Joe O. - Dec 2010
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