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The Home Study Kit includes The Blueprint book and all 6 of our Mastery Videos.

The Blueprint:

  • Over 250 pages detailing step-by-step how to implement the RadioActive Trading Strategies.
  • 12 Income Methods that pull REAL CASH out of a stock position.
  • Bulletproof...From the Beginning! Now wouldnt that be nice?
  • A Special Chapter on Combining Income Methods. This chapter details everything!
  • Several Appendices including chart reading and an Income Method Decision Table

The 6 RadioActive Trading Mastery Videos:

  • The 6 Videos (at a discounted price!) to enhance your knowledge and fine tune your trading skills
  • F.O.R.T.S - In depth look at the 3 core principles of RadioActive Trading
  • Income Methods Beginnings - How to properly use IM #1 and #2
  • Profits with Puts - Detailed look at IM #3 and IM #4 for bulletproofing
  • Money Nets - The strategic uses of IM #5 and IM #6
  • AIM: Advanced Income Methods - IM #7 and #8, and the advantages of IM #9
  • Combining Income Methods - By combining IMs you can greatly enhance your profits and further reduce your risks!

The Home Study Kit includes The Blueprint book and all 6 of our Mastery Videos.

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